Advanced 2D Laser Cutting

Our 2D laser cutting capacity is very advanced because of our load—unload system which runs lights out and can make quick turn around times for our customers.

The cutting in two dimensions is a domain of a CO2 laser. Basically, the cutting of metals with lasers happens through the local heating of the material above its melting point in the focal point of the focused laser. The resulting molten material is ejected by a gas flow oriented coaxially to the laser beam so that a kerf is formed.

For low-alloyed steels in particular, oxygen is typically used as cutting gas. At the moment the maximal processable counter thickness for laser flame cutting of steel is approximately at 25 mm.

Laser cutting and laser fine cutting are applied for different kinds of materials where complex contours demand precise, fast and force-free processing.

Almost all kinds of metals can be laser cut: mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum are the most common applications. Compared to alternative techniques like die cutting, laser cutting is cost-efficient already for small-batch production. The big benefit of laser cutting is the localized laser energy input providing small focal diameters, small kerf widths, high feed rate and minimal heat input.

We have the ability to cut a wide range of material thicknesses, In steel we can cut from 1.000″ thick to .010″ shim stock, Aluminum and stainless steel we can cut up to .375″.

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Steel Capacities
60″ x 120″
1.00″ Thick

Stainless Steel
60″ x 120″
.375″ Thick

60″ x 120″
.375″ Thick


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You request a quote by sending us an email with your concept drawing. A PDF of your concept is best for quoting. Once the order is placed we require Autocad files.

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We assess your concept and the materials you require. We may offer suggestions before sending you a quote. We will provide pricing within a reasonable time, generally the same day.

We Laser Cut Your Project

We laser cut your project. Our standard turn around is 3-5 days from the time of order but this depends on the size of the order and the materials required.

Your Product Is Delivered

We deliver your project to you. We use our own fleet of delivery vehicles for Southwestern Ontario. Shipping outside of Ontario is done through shipping companies.