Ontario Laser Cutting Inc. is a state of the art laser cutting facility with fully automated laser cutting equipment located in Southern Ontario Canada. The company is owned by Larry Stuyt who takes laser cutting very seriously.

Laser Cutting is what we do. We specialize in laser cutting and do not take over other manufacturing tasks. We are our customer’s partner in the manufacturing process.

Larry Stuyt – President and Owner

Ontario Laser Cutting Inc. offers laser cutting services that include laser cutting for 2D flat as well as 6 Axis 3D. Their capabilities include a load/unload system which enables us to run lights out during late hour shifts.

Having top notch laser cutting specialists on staff requires years of training. Dedication and passion is very important. We’re highly trained and excel at what we do!

Larry Stuyt – President and Owner

The employees at Ontario Laser Cutting Inc. must learn Autocad, Solid works, Corel, Striker, Ncell, Mazatrol, FGCam, CPlus, Inventor, as well as many more programs, they must be proficient in Gcode editing as well as understanding all the various materials and how they react to laser cutting. The company has licensed Millwrights on staff to make sure our equipment keeps running. These are some of the training standards that Ontario Laser Cutting has and most of our staff go way beyond these talents.


What makes your company different?

We’re a small company so why should you choose us? We try harder.

Larry Stuyt – President and Owner


You Request A Quote

You request a quote by sending us an email with your concept drawing. A PDF of your concept is best for quoting. Once the order is placed we require Autocad files.

We Send You Your Quote

We assess your concept and the materials you require. We may offer suggestions before sending you a quote. We will provide pricing within a reasonable time, generally the same day.

We Laser Cut Your Project

We laser cut your project. Our standard turn around is 3-5 days from the time of order but this depends on the size of the order and the materials required.

Your Product Is Delivered

We deliver your project to you. We use our own fleet of delivery vehicles for Southwestern Ontario. Shipping outside of Ontario is done through shipping companies.