Our Customers and the Industries We Serve

Ontario Laser Cutting is a highly diversified Laser Cutting facility with over 30,000 sq ft of space.

We specialize in custom laser cutting as well as forming mild steel, stainless steel, and light weight alloy materials. Below are some of the industries that we service.

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Strict tolerances and precisionlaser cutting

Many of our Healthcare customers require complete service including samples to PPAPs to production including forming, welding and powder coating.

We work relentlessly to meet specifications and ensure that our product can perform in the demands required by the medical field.

Our strict tolerances and precision provide you with the finished product that you need.

Our specialty is armored plate

At Ontario laser Cutting Inc. our specialty is armored plate. We stock a large variety of Military plates such as Armox and Hardox. We are controlled goods certified, ISO 9001:2000 certified, and also a part of the U.S./Canada Joint Certificate program.

Our integrated MRP system monitors all materials and orders including MTR’s and special requirements.

Consistent, reliable support

Ontario laser Cutting inc. is a proud supplier for renewable energy.

We have worked very close with some of the major manufacturers to provide continuous, reliable support in a very fast and changing technology.

Our ability to adapt and upgrade allows us to stay competitive in this field.

Committed to Quality

One of the most challenging industries for any supplier.

Our commitment to quality and creativity has allowed us to exceed other suppliers expectations. Small production runs and rare materials can make it difficult but close relationships and understanding of procedures make the project reach its potential every time.

We offer competitive pricing and endless opportunities with our 3D capabilities.

From modifying existing parts to developing prototypes

Serving the automotive industry is a small part of our business but our 3D laser has helped some local automotive suppliers to modify existing stamped parts instead of throwing them out for scrap.

Our 3D ability includes importing sheet metal geometry, building fixtures and cutting new profiles into existing parts.

Need a prototype? Not a problem. Ontario Laser can have a prototype ready before mass production ensuring you get the quality you deserve.

Polished, Attractive Advertising

At Ontario Laser Cutting we understand the importance of attracting customers and developing advertising products that will do just that. Polished, quality advertising such as outdoor signage is a key element in the success of any business.

Our skillful staff is equipped with the newest software to help you prepare and create your next project.

We create quality custom signs daily. Let us help your business attract the attention of your target audience.

Clean,Precise and Burr Free

Cutting parts for agricultural purposes requires creativity and persistence. At Ontario Laser Cutting we possess both crucial qualities.

We create a product that is clean, precise and burr free. If you need a quote our sales staff can get one to you without delay.

We also find the materials you need, at a quality you can trust, so there’s no hassle for you.


You Request A Quote

You request a quote by sending us an email with your concept drawing. A PDF of your concept is best for quoting. Once the order is placed we require Autocad files.

We Send You Your Quote

We assess your concept and the materials you require. We may offer suggestions before sending you a quote. We will provide pricing within a reasonable time, generally the same day.

We Laser Cut Your Project

We laser cut your project. Our standard turn around is 3-5 days from the time of order but this depends on the size of the order and the materials required.

Your Product Is Delivered

We deliver your project to you. We use our own fleet of delivery vehicles for Southwestern Ontario. Shipping outside of Ontario is done through shipping companies.