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Wide Selection of in Stock Materials

Reduce your costs.

We purchase a high volume of laser cutting materials which means we probably have the material you need in stock but it also means that we can offer you a competitive price and faster turnarounds. Using our stock materials is the best option for keeping costs lower. We have everything from flat sheet stock to tube based materials.

However some designs or concepts may require special materials which we can provide through our network of suppliers. We purchase material from hundreds of suppliers and this gives us the ability to find almost any type of product. We also have over 600 customers in Ontario alone, if our suppliers can’t find your material there is a very good chance that one of our customers can find it. Networking is one of our specialties.

You can also source the materials yourself and send it to us.

If you supply your own material for laser cutting
Some of our customers prefer to supply there own material. This is not a problem for us to cut but lasers are very sensitive to rust and warped material, the material must be flat and free of rust or paint.

If you plan to supply your own material, please mention this in the special instructions section in our quote request form, and also specify the sheet size of the material you plan to supply. Please send the material to our address as shown on our contact page.

We would recommend having the material shipped directly from the steel company to our facility. We see approx 10 steel suppliers arrive at our shop per day, and it should not be a problem for you to have it shipped direct.

If a material supplier is shipping to us directly, please be sure they include your full name and quote number in the attention line in the address. If possible, the shipping receipt, label, invoice, or packing list should also include your day-time phone number. Please instruct the supplier to select the flattest material and ship it flat, not rolled, folded, or bent.

If shipping direct is not an option than call us before you ship. We may have one of our vehicles driving by or have it shipped by a local courier.

If you end up shipping material yourself, please include a note that has your full name, day-time phone number, quote number, and email address that you check regularly. The material must be very flat (not bowed, warped, or rolled; otherwise the laser cannot focus properly).

It is always good to supply extra material just in case something goes wrong with the cutting, and for testing and calibration purposes, especially if you are sending material we have not cut before. If you would like us to ship excess material back to you, please let us know in the special instructions section of our quote request form.