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Laser Cutting Frequently Asked Questions- And Larry’s Answers

Here’s just a few of the questions Larry get’s asked regularly. We decided to post his answers here just in case you may have the same questions.

1. Does all laser cutting cost the same?
2. What are your prices and how do you price?
3. Do you cut glass?
4. Why use laser cutting?
5. Do you reverse engineer
6. What file type do I need to send in to get a quote on my parts?
7. Can you provide shipping of my product
8. Do you have in house inventory of materials that you can use on my jobs?
9. How fast can you have parts done?
10. How fast will you get my quote to me?
11. Can you recommend suppliers for materials?
12. Can you cut titanium?
13. Do you cut customer supplied materials?
14. What do I need to do to ship my materials to you?
15. How thick/thin of material can you cut?
16. What is the largest plate size you can cut?
17. Is there any taper on the part after cutting?
18. What tolerance can you hold?
19. Is your team highly trained?
20. How thick of aluminum can be laser cut?
21. Can you laser cut Hy-80 material?
22. What is a burr?
23. In manufacturing, when people say “rounds” what does that mean?
24. How can I cut blocks of aluminum?
25. What is the best way to cut “AR” steel?
26. Can you cut urethane?
27. Can you cut acrylic?
28. Why do people use copper laser slats on their lasers?
29. Can phenolic be laser cut? How about foam board?
30. Can you cut plastics?
31. How can I cut thick aluminum sheets?
32. How can I make a custom gasket?
33. Have you ever signed a non-disclosure agreement?

What makes your company different?

We try harder. We’re here for our customers as a partner in their manufacturing process. Personal service makes all the difference. Larry Stuyt – President and Owner

Would you buy a used laser cutting machine?

Normally, I always try and purchase new. In our type of industry, the machines that are for sale ‘used’ are usually beat up pretty bad. If I had a chance to purchase a new machine that was [repossessed] from the bank, then I would buy used, otherwise I always purchase new. Larry Stuyt – President and Owner

Do you do fabrication?

No. We specialize in laser cutting. It’s our focus. It’s what we are good at. We are a partner to our customers offering a specific specialization. We do not take over the entire manufacturing process. Larry Stuyt – President and Owner