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From Concept to Reality – Prototype to Production

From prototype to production it makes no difference, we will look after your orders.

Our step by step process:

  • You send us your initial design or concept by email. Preferably a PDF format.
  • We assess your design and the materials required.
  • We give you technical advice whenever required.
  • We send you a quote. We try to get this to you within 2 hours.
  • You send us data/designs in format such as Autocad. We can also import designs from Solid Works, Solid Edge, IGS, Mastercam, Unigraphics, Inventor, Machinical Desktop and many other software packages.
  • We start work on your project and follow our agreed on production schedule. Our standard turnaround time is 3-5 days but this can vary depending on the design and required materials.
  • We can also accommodate rapid turnaround times for some runs because of our 24 hour operation and maximum efficiency in production flow.
  • We deliver your product whether local or international. For local deliveries we use our own fleet of delivery vehicles.