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6 Axis Laser for 2D and 3D laser cutting capabilities

Our 6 axis laser performs 2D and 3D laser cutting of tubing, including rectangular, round and triangular.

It can also process C, H, I, and L-beams within a 6″ diameter.

The 5-axis head and simultaneously controlled rotary chuck means that precise angle cuts and advanced contours may be cut in a single operation.


Reduce your production costs

3D laser cutting can reduce welding work, the quantity of parts needed and your costs.

It opens up a whole new window of opportunity for your company and can change the way that you design your parts and reduce costs.

Have your parts self fixture and eliminate assembly errors.

3D laser cutting allows you to reduce the amount of welding that is required as well as reduces the quantity of parts required for an assembly.

We can help you with a design that is moving from prototype to production and can offer suggestions on how you might be able to use 3D laser cutting.




Use pre shaped parts as a option for your design

Pre shaped parts or tube feeding is not a problem for our 3D laser cutting machines.

Parts can be cut after they are formed or before. Let us help with your next project.

From steel to stainless to aluminum its all in a days work for us. We have the most advanced software which enables us to create the parts that you require.


Steel Capacities

Round – 15″ OD x .500″ Wall
Square – 15″ x 15″ x .500″ Wall

Stainless Steel

Round – 15″ OD x .250″ Wall
Square – 15″ x 15″ x .250″ Wall

We cut other materials such as;

Angle Irons
Sheets metal stamped parts